The three-day hybrid event of #ErasmusDays organized by the IBU International Relations Office was officially launched on Thursday, 14th June 2021 at the IBU Campus following the simultaneous organization of 5500+ other such events around the globe celebrating the Erasmus Days. The idea behind the title of the event “The New Erasmus+ Era: More Digital, More Inclusive, Greener” symbolizes the 7 years’ work of the International Relations Office as well as the new Erasmus+ Program is about to bring: more digital, more inclusive and greener societies.
The first panel of the agenda covered 3 main speakers who focused on the main pillars of the Erasmus+ Program 2021-2027.
The first speaker, Mr. Aleksandar Bogojevski, a representative from the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility of the Republic of North Macedonia, focused on the successful cooperation between the National Agency and IBU in the past years, as well as shared his recommendations for future activities also in other EU programs. The second speaker, Mr. Syed Raihan-Ul-Islam, from Daffodil International University in Bangladesh shared their experience with the digitalization process, while the third speaker, Mr. Alireza Poloei, from Bahcesehir University in Turkey discussed how to achieve sustainability based on their experience.
The program continued with the second-panel session which covered the success stories from IBU students and staff who have previously participated in the Erasmus+ program, including Berta Milevska who completed student mobility for studies at the University Institute of Maia, Portugal, Arona Imeri who finished a traineeship program at Tuateam, Spain, Asst. Prof. Dr. Liza Alili Sulejmani, who visited the Business School PAR in Croatia under the staff mobility for teaching and Ms. Dukica Pavlovikj who visited the Megatrend University in Serbia under the staff mobility for the training program.
Having closed such fruitful panels with presentations and discussions, #ErasmusDays continue tomorrow with several activities such as the presentation of IRO activities, the launch of a promotional video prepared by IBU Media Center, InfoDay session for Erasmus+ Incoming Students, traditional food presentation, sport activities and more.

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