On 26th March 2006, International Balkan University was established by the Foundation for Education and Culture USKUP as the first private, foundation-owned, and not-for-profit university in North Macedonia.

15 years ago, the founders of International Balkan University envisioned the path which would lead to a noble cause of rebuilding the bridges of cooperation, understanding, and brotherhood between the different nations and cultures of the world.

The mission of our university is to educate self-confident and qualitative youngsters who will take responsibility towards the societies in the region and work together for a better tomorrow for all of us.

Today, while we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of International Balkan University, we are proud to see how this mission sees the light at the end of the tunnel. We do see in the eyes of our students hope and belief that tomorrow will be better if they are given the chance to lead and show us what they can do together.

Three pillars hold our common home strong: qualitative education, internationalization, and scientific research.

We have set new standards in the quality of education in North Macedonia and beyond. Our unique system which focuses on the student has brought us internationally recognized success and achievements. A brand-new university campus, with modern facilities and countless opportunities for further development confirms our dedication to investing in education and science with utmost motivation. The last Shanghai University Ranking for higher-education institutions in North Macedonia saw IBU ranked as the top university in the country in the field of teaching and learning. Other relevant rankings mark IBU as the best private university in North Macedonia, as well.

We are pioneering the internationalization of the higher education system in North Macedonia. Being the only university in North Macedonia with English language as the official language of instruction and communication, the student and staff portfolio of more than 20 countries of the world, the intensified cooperation with prominent universities, opening the doors of mobility and international educational experience for our students and staff with more than 200 universities from around 40 countries of the world, particularly under the mobility programs of Erasmus+ and Mevlana, have made us leaders and proud holders of the epithet ‘international’ in its true meaning.

IBU is the host to numerous international symposia, congresses, conferences, seminars, certification programs that aim to contribute to science and research. On the other hand, our publication activities with more than 14 peer-reviewed scientific journals have grown into a platform for academics, scholars, researchers, and scientists to present their research in the international arena.

Today, on the 15th anniversary, as we set new goals ahead, we are proud to have become the fastest-growing university in North Macedonia and beyond. This tremendous achievement is the result of the restless work and sincere and proactive commitment of the founders of the university, the management board, the rectorate, the academic and administrative staff, and in particular, our students who are the core of our mindset! Each and everyone has put a stone on the three golden letters – IBU, and fortified the castle of knowledge and wisdom which we call our second home! We thank you all one by one!

As we celebrate this wonderful achievement at IBU, we bear the highest responsibility to carry on even better and even further, since in our philosophy there is no limit for quality and development.

We at IBU are people who replace dreams with real work, and we will continue to engage ourselves in reaching new peaks ahead and do everything it takes to make IBU a worldwide education brand!

We seek excellence for the future, for and from the leaders of tomorrow!


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